IAO Recognized Study Clubs

If you’re looking for orthodontic education locally, an IAO recognized orthodontic study club may be right for you. Study clubs cover various skill levels and techniques over a wide range of topics such as orthodontics, TMD, functional orthodontics, and snoring and sleep apnea so please contact the study clubs directly to learn more details about each individual club.

To find a specific date for any study club meeting, please contact the study club or search the Orthodontic and TMD Courses page.

Study Clubs

Quebec Study Club
Dorval/Montebello Quebec

Techniques Taught:GP/ preventive Ortho training /MTM aligner/ TMJ /airway focused/; Assistant program; Straight wire; Functional/orthopaedic

Dr. Name:Dr. Kristopher Krimi

Contact :(514)208-5323

Email :moc.l1716613883iamg@1716613883cqoai1716613883sirK1716613883

Advanced Orthodontics Study Club
Manila, Philippines

Techniques Taught:Basic, Comprehensive & Advanced Orthodontics, TMD & Airway

Dr. Name:Dr. Maridin Muda-Lacson

Contact :+63 2 9178260118

Email :moc.o1716613883ohay@1716613883nosca1716613883lmcni1716613883diram1716613883 or moc.l1716613883iamg@171661388305nos1716613883calmc1716613883m1716613883

Dental Awareness Study Club
Pasig City, Philippines

Techniques Taught:Basic/Advanced Orthodontics

Dr. Name:Dr. Enrico Dolatre

Contact :+63/9163368478 or +63/9470246521

Email :moc.o1716613883ohay@1716613883ssenr1716613883awala1716613883tned1716613883

Galesburg, IL, U.S.A.

Techniques Taught:Straight Wire; Functional/Orthodontics; Tip Edge (Begg); TMJ/TMD Treatment

Dr. Name:Dr. Thomas Hughes

Contact :608.725.2361

Email :moc.l1716613883iamg@1716613883newol1716613883euer1716613883

Mt. Holly, NJ, U.S.A.

Techniques Taught:Straight Wire; Functional/Orthopedic; TMJ/TMD Treatment; Snoring/Sleep Apnea

Dr. Name:Dr. Yosh Jefferson

Contact :609.261.1199

Email :moc.l1716613883oa@ec1716613883nalab1716613883laica1716613883f1716613883

IAO New England Chapter Study Club
Windsor Locks, CT, U.S.A.

Techniques Taught:Advance Seminars for Straight Wire; Functional/Orthopedics; GP and Pedo Ortho Training Program; Ortho Dental Assistant Training Program

Dr. Name:Dr. Robert FC LaRosa – IAO New England Section

Contact :203.263.5575

Email :moc.l1716613883iamg@171661388348aso1716613883ralrd1716613883

South Bay Study Club
Manhattan, CA, U.S.A

Techniques Taught:Straight Wire; Functional/Orthopedics; TMJ/TMD Treatment; Controlled Arch; Snoring/Sleep Apnea

Dr. Name:Dr. Maryam Bakhtiyari

Contact :310.372.6600

Email :moc.o1716613883htroh1716613883caebn1716613883attah1716613883nam@o1716613883fni1716613883

Northwest I.A.O. Orthodontics/TMD Seminars Group
Tacoma, WA, U.S.A.

Techniques Taught:Straight Wire, Functional/Orthopedic; TMJ/TMD Treatment: Crozat; Williams 2000

Dr. Name:Dr. Thai Nguyen

Contact :+1 253.272.6242

Email :moc.o1716613883ohay@171661388371ney1716613883ugnhn1716613883iviah1716613883t1716613883

Central Indiana Study Club
Pendleton, Indiana 46064

Techniques Taught:Intro Orthodontics, Comprehensive Data Collection, Cephalometric, Straight Wire, TMD Diagnosis and Treatment, 3-D Radio Graphic Studies

Dr. Name:Dr. Kenneth Lau

Email :moc.e1716613883rawtf1716613883oslkj1716613883@ualu1716613883k1716613883