Let the IAO Help Connect you with an Orthodontic Mentor

One of the International Association for Orthodontic’s (IAO) cornerstones is education. As such, the IAO is continually working to improve the sharing of knowledge. Thus, an Orthodontic Mentoring Program has been developed. 

Integration of orthodontics into a practice can increase profitability, diversify and stabilize clientele, and raise the overall enjoyment of your work. However, the leaders in the IAO understand the trials and tribulations of incorporating orthodontics into a practice. These hardships can lead to a feeling of letdown or frustration, or even prematurely cutting orthodontics from a practice. Therefore, the goal of the IAO’s Mentorship Program is to provide sound guidance. The vision of this program is to help increase your skills and success through educational counsel. 

To join the IAO Mentorship Program, fill out the request form. The form can be mailed to 750 N Lincoln Memorial Drive, Suite 422, Milwaukee, WI 53202, or emailed to , or faxed to (414)272-2757. 

It is essential that the IAO help members grow. Your success is a reflection on the quality of orthodontic care this association promotes. Therefore, the mentor orthodontics program is the next logical step in the IAO’s outreach to the membership. If you are looking to increase your knowledge, skills, and the overall growth of your practice this is an indispensable program.