March 31st – April 3rd, 2022
Hilton Hawaiian Villages – Waikiki Beach Resort

Advancing IAO Today – Setting Current Trends In Orthodontics Globally:

  • Dr. David Gates

    4 Essential Clear Aligner Power Tools for GPs. Flame On!

  • Dr. Stephane Reinhardt

    Successful Integration of Clear Aligners in Your Practice

  • Dr. Kenneth Lee

    From Birth to Childhood: Orthodontics & Dentofacial Dysmorphosis

  • Dr. Yosh Jefferson

    Treat to the Face, and Everything Will Fall into Place

  • Dr. Ray Becker

    Practical Implementation of the Latest Digital Technologies

  • Dr. Maridin Lacson

    In Focus – Orthodontics Clinical Challenges – Training Key Solutions

  • Dr. Adrian Palencar

    Case of the Year Course

  • Dr. Adrian Palencar

    Case Presentation Course

  • Dr. Edmund Lipskis

    Improving Facial Structure to Normalize Function

  • Dr. Mark Paschen

    Motivating Your Team is the Key to Implementing Social Media Successfully Into Your Practice