About the International Journal of Orthodontics

The International Journal of Orthodontics (IJO) is a quarterly peer-reviewed clinical journal published by the International Association for Orthodontics (IAO). It has been continuously published since 2002 and is the successor of the Journal of General Orthodontics.

The IJO features original scientific and clinical articles on orthodontics, plus an editorial, practice tips and office management hints. The purpose of the IJO is to serve as an educational tool, as well as to present innovative treatment mechanisms as they are developed.

All archived issues of the IJO can be found through the search function below and are also part of the Dr. Joseph M. Sim Library.

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To access the site for article submission click the button below.  The IJO is a selective journal.  Submission of articles does not guarantee their acceptance.  If chosen you will be contacted by the staff at IJO with a release date.