September’s Tip

Peripherals in Straight Wire System Back to Basics Part VIII Elastic Thread (Power Thread)

By Dr. Adrian J. Palencar, MUDr, MAGD, IBO, FADI, FPFA, FICD

September 2022

Prior to invention of the Elastomeric Chain, the Elastic Thread was the main modus operandi for closing spaces, retraction, protraction, intrusion, and extrusion.  The placement of the Figure 8 Elastic Thread is laborious, and it must end with a triple knot.  After the invention of Elastomeric Chain, the Elastic Thread fell into disfavor. The author is still using it on the lingual aspect of the mouth as a Lingual intra. It is less assuming and more pleasant for the tongue than the Elastomeric Chain. The Elastic Thread is tied from the lingual cleat or the button to the arch wire between the cupid and lateral.

Elastic Thread is available in the colour clear and grey, and in a diameter of .025 and a .0.30. The author prefers a .025 diameter for ease of tying the knot.



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