Session I :

In the first session of the Professional Advancement & Instructor Seminars (PAIS), attendees will learn how to use the tools they need to obtain their Fellowship, Diplomate, and Instructor Certification. Caseworx and Cephworx have been created to reduce attendees’ time to upload cases. Participants in PAIS will get hands-on instruction on how to set up the programs, enter case information, and incorporate visual evidence that includes patient photos, digital models, and cephs. See a sample case entered into Caseworx live. Have the opportunity to ask questions as the case is uploaded.

From the onset of PAIS, attendees will begin fine-tuning their lecture skills. Each participant will provide a short presentation so the instructors can evaluate baseline speaking skills. Every attendee will also receive valuable instruction on the proper use of PowerPoint in presentations. The instructors as they provide a hands-on lab.

Session II:

All attendees will learn the International Board of Orthodontics core treatment concepts.  This information will illuminate the basis for a range of viable treatment options.  The information provided will help grow the base knowledge of the participant.  This will be invaluable in the Fellowship and Diplomate process.  Participants will also receive instruction on how to write an exceptional journal article based on their own case

During the second session, attendees will be provided one-on-one time with the instructors to help develop their philosophy of orthodontic technique.  Each student will also participate in live lecture drills to help build their experience in front of a group.  Finally, the instructors will break down the core components of a proper course manual with each attendee.

Session III:

At this point in the PAIS, attendees will have entered their own case information and digital evidence. Each student will receive one-on-one review. The attendee will fully understand the requirements of a Fellowship case. The participants uploaded case will be broken down by the instructor to ensure expectations are met, and can be duplicated for future Fellow case uploads.

During Session III, attendees will present the case they entered into Caseworx in front of the group. The students will work on honing their speaking skills in conjunction with a polished PowerPoint. The instructors will provide expert critiques on their presentation. All attendees will begin work on their final lecture.

Session IV:

Sessions I-III build up to the final session in which the attendees will present their one-hour lecture. The presentation will incorporate findings from their case, PowerPoint, and lessons from their previous lectures.

By the end of Session IV, attendees will have met the following goals. First, submit a passing Fellowship case. Second, create an engaging one-hour presentation. Third, written a descriptive statement of the candidate’s philosophy of ortho techniques to be submitted to the Education Committee for approval. Finally, complete the teaching course manual, which will also be submitted to the Education Committee for approval.