The IAO has developed a variety of orthodontic practice aides to assist the practitioner in providing efficient orthodontic services. Sample copies of these forms are available free to IAO members or may be purchased by contacting Jackie at IAO Headquarters (gro.o1719325515htroa1719325515i@eik1719325515caj1719325515). At this time, these forms can only be shipped to members in the US or Canada.

Diagnostic Chart:

This 8-part chart offers a compact method of record keeping for orthodontic patients. It includes basic medical and dental history information, cephalometric and radiographic diagnosis, treatment planning, fee information and appointment records. It is not only valuable as a file tool; it may also be used for insurance submissions.

Appointment Record Tablet:

This tablet is designed to accompany the diagnostic chart and may be pasted on the chart following each appointment for up-to-date information on an individual patient’s treatment progress.

Transfer Form:

This special form was designed especially for IAO members transferring or referring their patients to other IAO members in different locations throughout the world.

Informed Consent Form:

This special release form provides protection for both the dentist and patient when orthodontics is performed.