Pinsker Award

The IAO was established in 1961 to protect and promote the rights of general practitioner dentists to provide orthodontic treatment.  Dr. Leon J. Pinsker was one of the founding members. Dr. Pinsker envisioned an organization that would provide orthodontic education to general practitioners as an alternative to a two-year post graduate program.  

The Leon J. Pinsker Award is the highest award the association bestows on its members and is named after the founder of the association. The award is presented to a member of the association who has performed exceptional and meritorious service in furthering the aims and purposes of the association.  The Award is given out during  the Saturday Night Celebration at the IAO Annual Meeting.  

All award recipients are listed below:

Dr. John Baar
Dr. Waldemar Brehm
Dr. Alvin Cardona
Ms. Joanna Carey
Dr. Michel Champagne
Dr. Richmond Cheng
Dr. Peter Ching
Dr. Henry Finger
Dr. Jose Ma Rodriguez Flores (Posthumously)
Dr. Steve Galella
Dr. Bernardo H. Garcia
Dr. Thomas J. Hughes
Dr. Yosh Jefferson
Dr. Duane Keller
Dr. Jean-Noel Lavallee
Dr. Pat LeBlanc
Dr. Merle Loudon
Dr. Derek Mahony
Dr. Brian Mailman
Dr. Sylvan Morein
Dr. Adrian Palencar

Dr. Milton Pedrazzi
Dr. Pierre Pellan
Dr. Rudy Postema
Dr. Anthony Ricci
Dr. Louis Rigali
Dr. Brock Rondeau
Dr. John Salius
Dr. Max Schleimer
Dr. Joseph Sim
Dr. John Tocchini
Dr. Alfredo D. Valera
Dr. Billie Wilson
Dr. John Witzig (Posthumously)
Dr. Peter Ching
Dr. Rick Grant
Dr. Brian Billard
Dr. Kenneth Lau

Please contact the IAO at (414)272-2757 or gro.o1716614675htroa1716614675i@sre1716614675trauq1716614675daehd1716614675lrow1716614675, with any questions regarding the Pinsker Award