What are MUNCHIES®

Munchies® are a clinically proven orthodontic enhancement device designed to maximize the accuracy of fit and effectiveness of clear aligner treatment and provide pain relief during all stages of orthodontic treatment.

Munchies® have been fabricated so that clear aligners fit as intimately as possible, increasing the likelihood that pre-programmed force systems will be delivered accurately and efficiently. This ensures that treatment will progress predictably and minimize the chance of time consuming and costly refinements and adjustments.

Designed by a prominent expert in esthetic orthodontics and clear aligner therapy, Munchies® utilize a specifically formulated medical grade silicone with unique visco-elastic properties and anatomy that encapsulate each aligner and ensure that the morphology of the aligner does not change when seated.

When aligners are inserted with finger pressure alone, they can slip up to 10% of the length of the clinical crown. MUNCHIES® engage 30-40% of the clinical crown, ensuring that the aligner is seated as intimately as possible.

Why prescribe and use MUNCHIES®

Sometimes during the course of treatment with clear aligners, teeth do not move exactly as predicted. This results in a small space appearing between the biting edge of teeth and the clear aligners. Munchies® can help recapture a perfect fit when used in the problematic area. Munchies® encapsulate 30-40% of the clinical crown, ensuring aligners are seated as intimately as possible, minimizing gaps and increasing predictability.

Munchies® can also provide pain and discomfort relief as effective as acetaminophen or ibuprofen after a new aligner insertion by minimizing capillary strangulation in the periodontal ligament.

MUNCHIES® Doctor Calculator

The Munchies® Doctor Calculator has been developed to help choose the most effective Munchies® devices and protocol for every patient.  It has been developed after clinical feedback and 4 years of verification of efficacy and application of each device. Simply answer 8 questions and the calculator will use its in-built algorithm to guide you to prescribe the most suitable device for each and every patient. To access the calculator use the following 


Munchies® are available in original Munchies® and Munchies® Maxx, Munchies® EPS and Munchies® Maintain. Variations in the strength of the jaw muscles, size of the teeth, bone dentistry and tooth movement required will determine the type of Munchies® best suited for each individual aligner case.

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