IAO PAIS, Session 3

October 11, 2024 October 13, 2024

Session III ‘Build’:

10/11/24 - 10/13/24

At this point in the PAIS, attendees will have entered their own case information and digital evidence. Each student will receive one-on-one review. The attendee will fully understand the requirements of a Fellowship case. The participants uploaded case will be broken down by the instructor to ensure expectations are met, and can be duplicated for future Fellow case uploads.

During Session III, attendees will present the case they entered into Caseworx in front of the group. The students will work on honing their speaking skills in conjunction with a polished PowerPoint. The instructors will provide expert critiques on their presentation. All attendees will begin work on their final lecture.

Session III Take Home:
  • Prepare one hour lecture presentation for Session IV

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