Cephalometric Tracings Made Easier with Less Work!

Powerful Ceph Tracing Software, One Simple Price!

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includes all features, standard e-mail support, and software updates
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The only ceph software with full production of the IAO New England’s 35-point Owens Block Analysis as well as the current & accurate IBO (IAO) tracing!

Cephworx is a modern ceph tracing system that reduces effort needed to complete tracings. Very simple to use, but with power features only seen in larger tracing software, Cephworx meets the needs of everything from those learning ceph tracing to advanced users working on research projects. 

Commonly used with the IAO Professional Advancement Program, Cephworx can guide the user through completing a ceph tracing from start to finish. Advanced users can get directly to business with less effort by disabling guidance they don’t need.

Lightweight hardware requirements allow for use on tablets, laptops, and smaller operatory computers. 

Standard e-mail support and updates are included with NO annual support fees. ALL FEATURES INCLUDED – no nickel-n-dime “module” subscriptions!

General Features:

Scripted trace mode. Simply click the landmarks to complete the tracing.
Quick Freehand measurements in seconds

Multiple tracing methods accommodate users from beginners to advanced practitioners. Full scripted tracing method support customizable scripts and includes analysis for IBO, IAO New England 35-point (Owens) Analysis, ABO, Steiner, and multiple variants of Sassouni. User created custom scripts allow for future expansion to meet your exact needs.

Freehand tracing mode provides the user with individual measurement tools to make quick measurements fast and easy without the need to complete a full “scripted” trace. Over a dozen tools emulate measurements from protractor, ruler, and caliper measurements, completely automated to reduce time and effort.

Advanced Norms Configuration

Normal values can be customized as “simple” min/max values or adjusted to take into account a combination of the patient’s age, gender, and ethnicity.

Multiple scripts overlaid onto one radiograph for quick reference

Overlay mode allows viewing of multiple analysis simultaneously on the same image.

Superimposition provides correlation of multiple sessions into one image.

Multiple color choices and user customizable layer colors provide optimal viewing and improves user experience.

Non-destructive Image Editor
Master photo grid generation. Print or save into record.

Full non-destructive image editor allows for perfecting imaging and photographs with full history and recoverability, even for changes in crop or rotation. Photo imaging grid allows production of standardized photo grids in 3-image vertical “skyscraper”, 8-image grid with center patient information, or 9-image full grid layouts.

For users teaching courses (and your students!)

  • Ability to highlight selected trace item creates ease of viewing for your viewers
  • Custom tracing colors and overlays allow for easy comparison of multiple traces
  • No confusing extra “features” that take away student’s focus on the tracing data
  • Two colored, erasable digital highlighter for freehand drawing on the tracing to emphasize vital information

Additional features include

  • “Quick Trace” mode to reduce production time to your favorite ceph tracing format
  • Multiple statistical analysis built-in for data acquired from tracing. 
  • Saved photo grids with patient record for easy future retrieval
  • Direct, one-click automated export of tracing with measurement values into Caseworx cases
  • Basic e-mail support and lifetime updates included with no annual costs
  • Direct Drag-n-Drop import of digital radiograph and photographs
  • Auto configuration and patient record creation from DICOM radiographs that provide data
  • User-configurable measurement accuracy from 1 to 4 decimal returns
  • Printable AND exportable completed tracings in multiple formats, both directly and with traced data values

Outputs tracings for many formats. Custom “scripts” can be created and included scripts can be duplicated/modified for your own preferences. Some of the included scripts are:

  • IBO (International Board of Orthodontics)
  • ABO (American Board of Orthodontics)
  • Ricketts
  • Steiner
  • IAO New England 35-point Block Analysis (Owens)
  • Sassouni, Sassouni Plus
  • Sassouni Lite (Jefferson)
  • Downs
  • Harvold
  • Jarabak
  • Tweed
IAO NE 35-Point Owen's Block Analysis
Sassouni Lite
P-A Frontal Tracing

E-mail moc.e1716612913rawtf1716612913oslkj1716612913@sela1716612913s1716612913 or call +1 765.778.3032 today to order!