Welcome to the IAO Virtual Meeting Platform! All meeting functions are accessed from the Lobby.

To return to the Lobby at any time, simply click the “Return to Lobby” link or IAO logo at the top of the screen.


Any computer, tablet, or phone can be utilized to view the Meeting. We recommend a device with a large screen and at least 1400×900 resolution for best viewing. The site can be Miracast or Chromecast to a TV with proper hardware as well. Tablet and phone users should rotate their phone to a landscape orientation for best results.

A consistent, robust Internet connection is required and we discourage the use of public wifi hotspots as they may be speed limited. Should you experience an issue such as stuttering or skipping video, garbled sound, or black screen video, check to be sure that your Internet connection is consistent and a minimum of 5mbps download.

We recommend the use of Google Chrome on all platforms (Windows, Android, and MacOS). Other browsers may not have the features needed to operate properly. If video or audio is missing or buttons cannot be clicked on, be sure your browser is up-to-date and not in restricted mode.

Popup blockers and other “privacy software” should be disabled or whitelisted for iaortho.org to prevent problems. These programs can block functions and features needed for the components of the meeting site to operate properly.


To access Speaker presentations, click on “Speakers” to the left side of the Lobby and choose the Speaker you wish to view.

Speaker presentation video positions are saved on your local computer so that you can return to where you’d left off at a later time. These times are approximate and may not be exactly at the second where you exited the presentation. Also note that you must use the same device or computer in order to utilize this functionality.

Note that these positions utilize cookies and may not work if security software on your computer prevents cookies from being saved. Be sure to whitelist iaortho.org if you experience problems.


In order to have CE credit earned for a presentation, the Assessment for that presentation must be completed in full and submitted. A “Quiz Preview” tab is present during the Speaker’s presentation to allow you to preview questions and watch for them in the presentation.

You can take the Assessment at any time by simply clicking on the “Take Assessment” button, located at the bottom of the Speaker’s page.

CE Credits:

Completed Assessments will automatically submit to IAO Headquarters upon completion. There is no need to submit your CE hours manually. Manually submitted duplicate CE for these sessions will be rejected and returned to you.

Once the Assessments have been verified and approved, they will automatically post to your member account within 24-48 business hours.

Your CE history can be viewed at any time by accessing your Member Profile in the Member’s Section of the IAO website at https://iaortho.naynacodes.com.


Exhibitors are listed in the “Exhibit Hall”, which can be accessed from the right side of the Lobby. Click on the exhibitor in the hall to view the exhibitor’s page.

Live Times:

“Live Times” are times where the speaker or exhibitor will be available to chat with you in real time. During the Live Time, simply access the Speaker or Exhibitor page and type any question you have into the Chat box.


Please contact IAO Headquarters at gro.o1719328818htroa1719328818i@sre1719328818trauq1719328818daehd1719328818lrow1719328818. We’ll respond as soon as we can, usually within 1 business day.

You may also call +1 (414) 272-2757 during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30a – 5:00p CDT.Welcome to the IAO Virtual Meeting