IAO Market: Corporate Accounts

The IAO Market: Corporate Accounts is the final piece in the IAO Market program. It leverages the size of the association to create beneficial partnerships with large organizations. The goal is to save IAO members hundreds, even thousands of dollars on the costs of office supplies, medical supplies, and travel. The first two companies to join the program, Staples (for U.S. Members) and Fox World Travel, are industry leaders. 

Members will be able to sign up for their own personal corporate accounts under the IAO umbrella. Utilizing the size of the association will grant access to greater discounts than a single practice could obtain on its own. The Staples and Dell accounts (for U.S. Members) and Fox World Travel account have been launched. CLICK HERE to view the IAO Special Savings Staples Catalog. These are specially chosen, and the prices have been negotiated below the normal Staples Corporate account sales.

To create your own account, just log into the “Members Only” Section.  Then click on the corporate account link you would like to set up.  They are located under the “IAO Market: Corporate Accounts” tab.  Then just follow the simple directions.  Each takes less than five minutes to set up. 

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