February’s Tip

Storino Leash Revisited

By Dr. Adrian J. Palencar, MUDr, MAGD, IBO, FADI, FPFA, FICD

February 2024

IAO Diplomate
68 – Tremont Drive, ST. Catharines
ON L2T 3B2, Canada

The author covered this topic previously in IAO Monthly Tip (April 2023).  Storino Leash was just published then, therefore the author recently started experimenting with this technique.  It takes quite a few trials to prove the efficacy of this protocol. 

  • I am in treatment of 14 years old male, and I was amazed how efficient is Storino Leash.  The following are the particulars:

    1. Narrow arches
    2. Hypodivergent (SN-GoM – 27°)
    3. Severe Class II skeletal and dental (ANB 5.8 mm, Wits 7.5 mm)
    4. Proclined maxillary incisors (U1 – SN 116°)
    5. OB – 8.0 mm, OJ – 2.0 mm
    6. The patient was biting his lower lip and he could not wrap his lips around the maxillary incisors.

  • Treatment:

    1. Orofacial – myofunctional therapy
    2. MX Hyrax
    3. SWA, Storino Leash
    4. Rick-a-nator, composite build ups and triangular elastic

5. Retention

Treatment as of today :

1. Maxillary Hyrax 5 months
2. SWA 10 months (7 months of Storino Leash included)

Prior to placement of Rick-a-nator the OB and OJ were reduced to 4.0 mm. It took the author only 15 months to achieve the last photograph’s stage.

An amazing Storino Leash
  • References:

1. Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, LVI, 5; 296
2. Palencar A. J., Personal PP presentations