BioRESEARCH Associates, Inc.

Founded in 1966 as a contract research company, BioRESEARCH Associates, Inc. worked on projects such as the Teledyne WaterPik.  

Our research was instrumental in converting the WaterPik from an in-office tool to one of the most successful direct to consumer products in dentistry.  

Later, BioRESEARCH began converting the Siemens sirognathograph (jaw tracker) for use on personal computers vs the use of the oscilloscope.  

We also created and integrated our first eight channel electromyograph followed  by the invention of joint vibration analysis.  

BioRESEARCH continues to be a leader in innovative technology.  

We have integrated BioEMG with the T-Scan (TekScan, Inc.) to create a comprehensive platform for measurement of the function of the teeth, muscles, mandible, and joints. 


Surface EMG is the worldwide standard method for recording muscle-specific activity in skeletal muscles. It has been proven reliable in numerous studies over many years and is a clinical procedure that can easily be performed in any dental office.  Learn More


Joint Vibration Analysis is based on simple principles of motion and friction: When smooth surfaces rub together, little friction is created…and little vibration.  Learn More 


The JT-3D jaw tracking technology was researched & developed to provide incredibly accurate measurements in mandibular kinesiology.  Learn More 

MLS Laser

MLS Laser Therapy technology is the most advanced laser therapy system on the market. Reduction of response times, and therefore overall treatment times, distinguishes MLS Laser Therapy from traditional laser therapy with reciprocal advantages for both the operator and the patient.  Learn More 

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