August’s Tip

Peripherals in Straight Wire System Back to Basics Part VII Bumper Sleeve (Tissue Guard, Arch Wire Sleeve)

By Dr. Adrian J. Palencar, MUDr, MAGD, IBO, FADI, FPFA, FICD

August 2022

There are numerous occasions in the Straight wire treatment, where there are long sections of the arch wire unattached to the brackets (i.e. Utility arch, Mulligan mechanics, or in the posterior sextants in the mixed dentition). This does not create problems in most cases. However, patients with hypertonic perioral muscles often experience soreness and literally indentations in the oral mucosa. Placement of a Bumper Sleeve ameliorates this problem.

The Bumper Sleeve is available in the colour grey and clear, and in a diameter of .018, a .027 and a .046. The author prefers a diameter of .027. The advantages are that they are easy to place, they are comfortable.  Disadvantages are that they easily stain and attract


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