Session 1:
TBA Soon – How To Plan With The End in Mind

A review of obtaining detailed records and then using that information to develop a treatment plan for class I, II, and III malocclusion that will be successful for you and your patient. You will learn how to identify things to be aware of to avoid unwanted outcomes. Detailed records help to provide medical necessity reports and legal protection. Patients and referring doctors will appreciate the ease of understanding the treatment choices you made. 

Session 2:
TBA Soon – Start Building A Case

Learn to build cases using information from treatment you have provided. Session two is an introduction to the software IAO members use to create Fellow and Diplomate cases. Attendees will be guided in how to enter data and images. Caseworx will organize the information into the IBO standard format for class I, II, and III malocclusion. These cases can then be utilized for Fellowship and Diplomate Advancement. There will be many treatment samples for review. All IAO members have free access to this software. Attendees will also learn to use Cephworx, an electronic cephalometric tracing program. The software is included for attendees who register for all four courses. The normal retail cost is $1,495.00.

Session 3:
TBA Soon – Build a Foundation From Knowledge

Every case is different, and as such each one has a best treatment plan option. The purpose of the third session is to help introduce new modalities and treatment options that attendees may not have been exposed to before. This will help build the foundation of orthodontic treatment which participants may offer in their practice to best serve their patients.

Session 4:
TBA Soon – Learn To Teach

This session will assist you in moving forward in your orthodontic career including the possibility of becoming a mentor to pass on the knowledge you have obtained. The purpose is to align candidates with the requirements of becoming an IAO Certified Instructor.