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Associate is the first Membership level of the Professional Advancement program.  This tier is automatically achieved when a member signs up.  A certificate is sent to acknowledge the doctor’s commitment to Continuing Education and advancing their skills. 


Active is the second Membership level of the Professional Advancement Program. To apply for Active, members must submit a minimum of 150 hours of orthodontic or related education to Headquarters, the Active Professional Advancement Application and an application fee of US $30.00.  Once this level is met a second certificate is sent. 


Fellow is the third Membership level of the Professional Advancement Program. Clinical case presentations are required for this Membership level. To apply for Fellow, applicants must submit the Fellow Professional Advancement Application, an application fee of US $45.00, and documentation for a minimum of 300 hours of CDE to Headquarters. Applicants are also required to present five (5) successful completed orthodontic cases to IAO Education Committee Examiners.  Once this level is met a third certificate is sent.

It is highly recommended that at least one (1) case be presented for examination to an IAO Education Committee Examiner for review and guidance, prior to completing the remaining four (4) cases for Fellow status. Contact Headquarters for further information or go to the IBO Diplomate page for case structure and requirements.


This board recognized status is given to the IAO Member who has submitted documentation for at least 500 CDE hours, has achieved all prior Membership levels, has passed the written examination for Diplomate Status, and has successfully presented 10 completed cases (five of which must be two years post active treatment).   Once this level is met a plaque is presented to the recipient at the Annual Meeting. 

More information about case preparation for the exam, and other questions about the exam, and the application, can be found on the IBO Diplomate page.