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January's Tip: The Compliment Jar

By: Penny Tremblay

By: Penny Tremblay

Recently, I worked with the dynamic dental office team at Kulik Dental in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.  As successful as they are, the team still makes time for in-office team building and professional development session.  My program, Relationship Strategies for the Dental Office, encouraged an activity that they embraced. 

As a result, Edie, the office manager, submitted the following example for my new book, I Give and Grow Rich, a book that teaches the value of giving to others. 

Try this Compliment Jar activity in your practice to encourage your team members to exchange praise among themselves.  It will boost morale, team engagement, and productivity-I guarantee it!

The Compliment Jar-Edies's Story

A simple glass jar and slips of paper inspired contagious enthusiasm in our Kulik Dental office team.

We labeled it our Compliment Jar and placed it in our lunch room.  We inspired everyone to "catch people doing things right" by filling out a deposit slip to record who did something well, and what they did for our patients or the team.

During our morning team huddle, we would read the entries.

One entry that had particularly strong impact was directed at our dentist.  He helped a family who was going through a difficult financial time.  One of their children needed treatment, and it was provided at no charge.

The impact it had on our team was really powerful.  It was a very humbling experience for all of us.  The act of kindness really touched our hearts. 

When we read the deposit slip, our dentist was also surprised that it had such an impact on the family he had helped and the entire dental team that represented him.  He had no idea that it was even noticed. 

The pride our team felt from our dentist giving the gift of service energized us to give more of ourselves.  As a team, we know what each member does, but when someone takes the time to write down how you have gone above and beyond, it boosts confidence and morale.  Making a difference in the office in a positive way will keep everyone looking for the good in each other.

Going to work each day should be fun, not stressful.  Have some fun with this activity.  When we recognize each others efforts publicly as a group, we understand each other better and build the foundation of respect and trustworthy relationships that engage staff and foster productivity and profit.  Best wishes for a compliment jar that "runneth over" with an abundance of contagious enthusiasm.

Penny is a consultant committed to helping office achieve their goals with training and motivation strategies for the entire dental team.  To book a team session or to order copies of my new book, I Give and Grow Rich, contact me personally at For a list of customized Practice Building & Professional Development Seminars visit and link to our seminars page, or contact us at (705)498-1818 or



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