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December's Tip: Class III Treatment

By: Dr. Mike Lowry

By: Dr. Mike Lowry

There are 2 possibilities when presented with a class III patient. Either they have a normally positioned maxilla and a prognathic mandible or a retrognathic maxilla and a normal mandible. About 80% of the class III patients present with the latter. The formal requires surgery to correct. We will address the retrognathic maxilla. This tip is going to demonstrate the tandem appliance. The appliance consists of a 3-way sagittal on the upper with NiTi springs in the sagittal portion and a holding arch on the lower. Hooks are added to the appliances so as to be over the middle of the buccal surface of the cuspids. A labial bow is added to headgear tubes on the lower appliance and worn 1+ hours before bedtime and all night. Class III elastics are worn during the day without the labial bow. See figures 1-4.

Dr. Lowry December 2.jpg
Dr. Lowry December 3.jpg

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