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Canadian/Comprehensive Straight Wire and Functional Orthodontic Program Session 3

Date: January 27-28, 2017

Location: Toronto, ON, USA

Instructor: Dr. Alan Macdonald


The Straight Wire philosophy of orthodontics is centered around the development of the customized bracket. What makes the bracket so unique is that it is pre-formed to fit the contour of the facial anatomy of each tooth. In addition, the correct tip and torque is cast into the bracket to achieve the ideal position of the clinical crown of each tooth. Therefore, strict guidelines must be followed during bracket placement to realize maximum efficiency that has been designed into each bracket. It is from these concepts that the use of the Straight Wire Appliance will allow the operator to have maximum control over the movement of each tooth.

SESSION 3: Learn Archwire System Introduction to Mechanics

  • Review Diagnostic System
  • Archwire System
  • Size & types of wires
  • Sequencing of Archwires
    • Ligation: Elastics: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"
    • Power chain
    • Rotating wedges: Bumper, Sleeve
    • Brass & Elastic Separators
    • Banding & bracketing error review


  • Ten Hour Force Theory
  • Combination, chin up, 'J' hook, vertical pull


  • Anchorage System
  • Extra-Oral, Intra-Oral


  • Mulligan Mechanics - Introduction
  • Moments of force


  • Tip back, toe in, toe out, center bend, off center bend, basic arch wire forms
  • In-depth treatment planning & evaluation of adjunctive records for Class I


  • Non-extraction, extraction, mild class II, mild class II
  • At least 2 individual case diagnosis
  • mixed dentition

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